Art works of Imogen Stuart at MIC

Madonna & Child ‘The Madonna & Child’ Standing Stone (2004)

Stands outside Summerville House, the oldest building on campus.  The reverse side of the Madonna & Child holds a carving of the Irish prayer,  A Mhuire na nGrás, with a translation by Imogen’s friend, the poet Séamus Heaney.

‘Window on the World’ (1991)

A five-feet-by-five-feet wood carving.  The central ‘window’  has four miniature openings and a crucifix-like motif in the centre. Imogen says that she placed the crufix in the centre to draw people’s eyes there.  A piece of considerable weight, “Window on the World” is suspended from iron chains.  A meditation room in the College’s newest building (Teamhair/TARA), has been designed to display this piece.

‘In Principio’ (1978)Situated in ‘An Slí’ in the Teamhair/TARA building.  It is a Cross and Man in one;  Man carrying his cross and being his own cross.  The Ogham writing on the back is an old Irish script, quoting from the beginning of St. John’s Gospel.

‘The Scholar and the Blackbird’ (1996),The sculpture is a vertical wooden piece with a contemporary carving style reminiscent of the ‘Totem’ pole format.  It is carved out of 250 year-old pitch-pine rafters, and is intended as a kind of reading bench for students.  Engraved on three sides of the piece is a translation for an Irish ‘marginal’ poem, dated from the ninth century from an unknown author. The fourth side captures scenes from the poem, employing deep grooves highlight the figures featured.

‘St. Colmcille’ (1958)

“One of the first big commissions I received after coming to live in Ireland in 1951 was from Mary Immaculate College. The renowned architect, Andy Devane, acting on behalf of the sisters of Mercy, invited me to carve three lifesize statues.  My relationship with the College has lasted more than 50 years. I am very pleased that my works are beautifully situated within the College and very well cared for, which is important to me.” Imogen Stuart, 2010

Christ Teaching (1958)

St Brigid (1958)
Garde-Robe” (1940’s)

During a walking tour at MIC in February, 2011,  Imogen’s audience heard of how the beautifully carved 1940s garde-robe, complete with hangers and mirror, came to be in the possession of the College.  This is due to the generosity of the artist herself and of Frau Daume, the widow of a great admirer and early patron who commissioned the work in the 1940’s.


Also housed in the Gallery is a more modern and abstract piece on loan from the artist, entitled Homage, which is carved out of pure white Michelangelo marble.

Psalm (1993)

The Litany of Daniel (No. 3) (An Ecological Prayer)
Lead on Wood

St. Patrick’s Ladder (An Ecological Prayer)

The Psalm No. 8 (An Ecological Prayer)
ndian Paper & Wood


Bark Cloth